The Cardiology of Real Estate



Every business has a pulse!  The lifeblood of any business is what keeps that business moving along.  The heartbeat of the business is the core!  So what do I mean by the Cardiology of Real Estate?


Real estate can be thrilling, frustrating, exhausting and is never, ever the same!  Those of us in this business can relate to the steady beat of constant motion!  It may ebb and flow yet it is always there.


What is the pulse of your real estate business?  Have you checked it lately?  Is your business pulse racing continuously?  Perhaps it is a rhythmic, steady beat?  It could even be erratic, skipping beats here and there?  A good steady pulse is of course the desired state.  Real estate does and will result in the racing and erratic pace but the key is learning how to rein it back in to that nice, steady beat.


How about the lifeblood of your business?  Have you really taken time out to assess where you are now and where you want to go?  Having a good plan is not only wise, it is good for the life blood of your business.  Taking care of your hopes, desires, goals and dreams will encourage a strong and healthy life blood.


Going even deeper, what is at the core or the "heart" of your business?  What are your core values?  How are you giving back to your self, your family, church, community?  As we know in our own human bodies, if our heart is not healthy, it affects the entire body.  Likewise, if the heart of our business is lacking, most likely our business will suffer in some way.


The Cardiology of real estate is simple, pay attention to your pulse, lifeblood and heart of your business.  Staying in tune to what is really important does matter.  Take care of your self first so that you can be the most effective in whatever your goals and dreams are.  


As we near Valentine's Day, maybe this is a good time to give yourself a business Cardiology check-up!  See where you are, where you need to improve and perhaps where you need to slow down!  Needing CPR is a never a good thing!


The heart matters in for your health and the health of your business.  Perhaps a good Cardiology checkup for your business is warranted.  Take a little time to listen to it!

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