The Woodlands Parkway Extension 2015

The Woodlands is a thriving Master-planned community north of Houston, Texas.  What began as a small development is now a major sub-market of Houston!  With over 100,000 residents and a true downtown area, The Woodlands has come into its own!


The Waterway area boasts numerous high rise buildings that house major companies such as Anadarko and Newfield.  Click this link for a full list of the many businesses that have found The Woodlands as their corporate home.  Businesses continue to flock to The Woodlands as the area is not only beautiful but also offers great real estate, schools, shopping and more!


The Hughes Landing area is now filling up with many new high rises, Whole Foods and other high density living choices.  The buildings are here, the people are here and more are coming.  Exxon Mobile has been building their 300 acre campus adjacent to The Woodlands and are gearing up to bring thousands to the area.


The challenges for any growing area are infrastructure needs such as roads.  Getting people from all areas north, south, east and west of The Woodlands is important!  Currently Woodlands Parkway begins at I-45 on the east end and travels to FM 2978 on the west end.  


As our area continues to expand, opening up roads is essential.  The bond issue which is set for Saturday, May 12, 2015 is VERY IMPORTANT for ALL RESIDENTS OF MONTGOMERY COUNTY!  This bond will provided much needed funding for many roads in the county.  Not only The Woodlands has increased demand on its roads but many other areas of the county as well.


There are some in The Woodlands who are opposed to extending Woodlands Parkway west to SH 249.  They fear the increased traffic will upset the life-style that they are used to now.  The fact is, that we built it and now they are coming!  Trying to block a much needed east-west connect is not the right thing to do and is short-sighted.  


The traffic here is tough and is going to continue to be more of an issue.  We need roads extended now.  If we don't pass the road bonds, we will be facing this issue again on down the road when traffic will be even worse!  Don't be short-sighted and look at the big picture.


We have worked hard to build a place where people want to come.  We cannot put a bubble around The Woodlands.  It just makes sense to insure easy access in all areas of the county!  Believing that accessing the businesses in The Woodlands only from I-45 is not realistic.  There are thousands of people who spend money and work in The Woodlands from the western part of the area.


VOTE YES for the Road Bond Issue on Saturday May 9th, 2015! 

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The Woodlands Parkway Extension 2015
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