Come Visit Me in My Real Estate Garden!


Gardens have always been important to homeowners over the centuries.  A hundred years ago a home garden was essential for providing food for the family.  Today a garden still holds value for the most part in the aesthetic realm and how it complements a structure.


I am a gardener and enjoy spending time cultivating the soil, tending to my plants and reaping the benefits of all that a garden has to offer.  In the same way in my real estate business I am constantly cultivating clients, tending to them and then reaping the benefits with successful transactions.


So come with me into my real estate garden.  I have a lot to share with you and hope that you will enjoy your visit!


Let's begin by walking through the various plants that I have in this real estate garden:


My row of Squash will yield:

Squashing negativity.  


My 2 rows of Turnips are yielding:Vegetables

Turning up with a smile even when things are difficult.  Turning up with determination to handle all of the unforeseen events in the real estate world.


My Rows of Lettuce will yield:

Let us be kind and loyal to all parties involved in our transactions.

Let us always be truthful

Let us persevere in all situations.


My 6 rows of Peas will produce:

Promptness, Preparedness, Perseverance, Politeness, Professionalism & Patience!


My row of Thyme will provide:

Time to be thorough in all of my real estate transactions.  Time to be resourceful for my clients.  Time to my clients biggest advocate.


I would love to assist you with your next real estate transaction!  Let's cultivate a relationship and plant some deep roots!  Watching the harvest come in will be worth the work!


Please come take a stroll with me into my real estate garden!


Garden Grandchild

Beam & Branch Realty       

"Have you fully lived today?"

   Paula L. McDonald ~ REALTOR®, 

        Granbury, Texas 

 936-203-0279 Direct

Selling Hood County and surrounding areas! 



 John Maxwell

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Come Visit Me in My Real Estate Garden!
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