Thoughts, Musings & Heartstrings ~ Welcome 2015


As we all reflect on 2014 as it comes to a close, it is nice to wrap up our happy moments, heartbreak moments, challenges, achievements and life in general.  Life is such an amazing adventure!  I have learned to never let a day go by that is wasted.


2014 was all in all a great year!  Of course there were highs and lows but overall, I will always look back at this year with fond memories.  It is fun to reflect and also exciting to look forward.


firepitAs we entered the new year in 2014, we were in the midst of building our new home.  With over 3 years of finding the land, planning the house and then building, it was busy!  When the new year arrived, we were out back sitting around our fire pit a few paces from the new house.  We enjoyed friends around the fire, great stories and watched fireworks from the comfort of our camp chairs!


As the first quarter of 2014 came around, we were finally moving in!  A long-awaited moment that we were super excited about.  Although the actual moving in was exhausting, it was welcomed!


We witnessed a few friends children getting married, welcomed new babies and pets and said goodbye to a few special people.  The year was filled with changes and a lot of firsts for us!  Never a dull moment for sure!


Business-wise it was challenging keeping all of the balls in the air as other things in my life had me juggling a lot all at once.  The personal referrals however are my bread and butter and those never fail to deliver!  It is great doing business with people that you know and love.


I am thankful to work out of my home!  Walking just a few steps into my wonderful office is a true blessing!  I have learned that I work well at home and am very disciplined working from home.  I find the quiet of my home a relaxing place to wrap my head around work, blogging and marketing.


JakcWe lost our sweet little doxie "Jack" this year at the age of 13.  He gave us many great years and tons of awesome memories.  He is so missed.  His memory lives on with us forever.


Duke entered our lives in June and has blended right into our family.  It didn't take long for this little guy to become a big part of our family!  It seems like he has been with us more than just a few months.


So as we all look forward to the new year with anticipation, goals and direction, we must remember to cherish each and every year that we are given.  No year should ever be forgotten as there are lessons from every experience to be gained.


May your 2015 be exciting, prosperous and adventurous!  May your days be productive with some spontaneity!  May your moments be memorable.


Blessings to all!

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Thoughts, Musings & Heartstrings ~ Welcome 2015
As we all reflect on 2014 as it comes to a close, it is nice to wrap up our happy moments, heartbreak moments, challenges, achievements and life in general. Life is such an amazing adventure! I have learned to never let a day go by that is… more
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